every night i empty my heart / but by morning it’s full again

And is that good enough for you?

No, not really.


Can Lisa Ray come and give me dancing lessons too?

Anonymous asked:
"Hi, can you post a photo/gif of the scene in I Can't Think Straight, when Leyla writes "I love you" to Tala in her book? Please and thank you! :)"

Sure thing! I’ll get started on that later :)

Anonymous asked:
"thanks for this mesmerising blog."

Aww, thank you! :D

Deleted scenes from The World Unseen :)

Anonymous asked:
"this blog saved me suffocating my fangirling after I finished the movie! :D I was wondering, do you know of any fan fictions of I can't think straight? I've been looking everywhere!"

Aww, that’s so sweet to hear! :D 

And no, I’ve never looked for any! But I think it’s about high time someone made one! :)